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Recruiting talent is a challenge, not only for the candidate, but also for the employer. You either do not get any applications or you get thousands that you have to dig through and most of them are not even relevant. Of course, you can get the job done with the use of computers now as the technology is getting better and better, but computers…they are not always right and you still have to get through the pile of applications to make sure that your potential employee of the year was not eliminated by the machine by mistake. The elephant in the room question is therefore, how to get enough applications to make sure your ideal candidate will be among the applicants and at the same time so that you are not left drowned under a huge pile of papers?

CFA Society Switzerland in cooperation with CFA Institute tries to find an answer to this issue. In January 2019 we launched the Career Center, a platform where companies looking for finance specialists can find their ideal candidates. We strive to provide you only with what you are looking for and nothing more. We make it possible. By posting on our platform you tap into a very special group of CFA members and candidates from Switzerland (or globally, if you like). This means you target a group of potentially 4,800 people (members & candidates) either working or learning towards getting into the financial services industry.

Why would you limit yourself to just 4,800 people? The answer is easy, by doing that you make sure that your applicants will possess a high level of financial knowledge and that they adhere to the ethical standards of CFA Institute. If you take a look at members of CFA Society Switzerland alone, then you will additionally realise that you will tap into a lot of experienced individuals. On average, CFA Society Switzerland members have their charter for over 9 years already, adding 4 years of experience that is required to become a CFA charterholder, it sums up to an average of 13 years of work experience. Moreover, our members are everywhere where you could need a finance specialist. 31% are currently employed in asset management industry and 22% in private wealth management/family office, but as much as 10% works for consulting firms. You can also find members with experience in commercial banking, investment banking, insurance, IT, accounting or brokerage business and much more.

Contrary to what one could expect, our members are not very uniform in terms of positions they are in. 14% of them are portfolio managers, around 10% are relationship managers and the next 9% financial advisers. 8% of the society members are consultants. Apart from that, within our ranks we also have e.g., risk managers, quants, research analysts, compliance specialists, C-executives and strategists.

The Career Center enables recruiters to source the best from this diverse group. For some, it already has become a source of valuable employees. Evooq, a fintech providing investment solutions and a wealth management platform to financial institutions such as banks, independent asset managers and pension funds, serving clients from all over the world, mainly in Switzerland, Europe and the APAC region, joined the platform as a launch partner and shared their experience of Career Center with us:

"As a fintech company, we don’t have time for endless application processes. Therefore we were looking for a job platform, which provides us with a concentration of highly skilled candidates. Thanks to the new CFA Society Switzerland Career Center we found a perfect fit in record time.”

Swiss testimonial

Markus Strauch CFA

So how to get on the Career Center platform and find your dream candidate? Just go to, select the recruiters option and register your account. Then, until the end of 2019 you can take advantage of our promotional campaign. With the discount code: SWISSM8CAREERS you can post your job offers for free. Remember you are not limited to one job posting. You can use the code as many times as you want and if you decide to choose a Balanced package or higher, you will get access to the Career Center database, where you will find CVs of those members and candidates who made their profiles visible. You can search the database using various criteria which should be a great help in your quest for the ideal candidate.

After you joined the platform, please share your feedback with us. Together with CFA Institute we are constantly working on making the Career Center the best place to find your dream employee.

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